Elementary School

Cookie Bodie, Kindergarten
CBS Kindergarten since 1985
email: cbodie@curtisbaptist.org
Allison Rhoades, Kindergarten,
M.A. Early Childhood Education
University of Georgia
e-mail: arhoades@curtisbaptist.org
Nancy Haywood
1st Grade, B.A., Elementary Education
Augusta State University
email: nhaywood@curtisbaptist.org
Jennifer Coffey
2nd Grade, B.A., Elementary Education
Berea College
email: jcoffey@curtisbaptist.org
Morgan Kulig
1st Grade, BS in Early Childhood Education
Truett McConnell University
email: mkulig@curtisbaptist.org
Laurie Wombles
3rd grade, B.S. Early Childhood Education
Augusta State University
e-mail: lwombles@curtisbaptist.org
Nicole Gossage
4th grade, B.A., Elementary Education
University of North Florida
email: ngossage@curtisbaptist.org
Beth Hensley
5th Grade, B.A., Early Childhood Education
Augusta State University
email: bhensley @curtisbaptist.org
Charles Holaway, Technology Instructor
Graphic Design and Computer I
B.T. from Southern Bible Institute
e-mail: cholaway@curtisbaptist.org