High School

Ashley Morris,
High School Science
B.S. Biology/Geology from
University of South Carolina;
e-mail: amorris@curtisbaptist.org
Charles Holaway, Technology Instructor
Graphic Design and Computer I
B.T. from Southern Bible Institute
e-mail: cholaway@curtisbaptist.org
Gina Turner, English
B.A., English
Augusta State University
email: gturner@curtisbaptist.org
Jennifer Smith-Mojica ,
High School Spanish,
Economics, English tutoring
B.A. Cultural Anthropology/Spanish from
University of West Florida;
M.A. Education from Ashford University
e-mail: jmojica@curtisbaptist.org
Larry Ford, Dean of Men, History and Bible
B.A., Bible
Tennessee Temple University
email: lford@curtisbaptist.org
Mallory Koone, High School Math
BS, Math and Coaching
MED, Secondary Education
Milligan College
e-mail: mkoone@curtisbaptist.org
Corwin Kulig
Physical Education and Weight Training
Bachelor of Science in Psychology,
Truett McConnell University
email: ckulig@curtisbaptist.org
Jacob Johnson, Music
email: jjohnson@curtisbaptist.org
Alyssa Beck, Art
Bob Jones University, BFA
e-mail: abeck@curtisbaptist.org