Tuition Assistance Information

Deadline for Fast applications for Reenrollment 5/1/2018
Deadline for New Applicants 6/1/2018

Financial Aid Information

How do I apply for financial aid?
Go to and create an account in order to submit your financial information to the Financial Aid Committee. There is a $43 nonrefundable fee to submit this information.

Before I apply can I find out what amount of financial aid assistance I can expect?
You can apply for financial aid through FAST while your application for enrollment is in process. You will be informed of the amount awarded to your student within 2 weeks of your financial aid application. You do not have to be accepted prior to applying for financial aid.

‚ÄčIs financial aid guaranteed for the entire time that my child is at Curtis Baptist School (CBS)?
Financial aid is evaluated on an annual basis. Every family must resubmit financial aid documents each year. A student will be eligible for financial aid renewal based on family income AND grades and conduct, as well as tardies, absences and adherence to our Student/Parent Handbook. Renewal of financial aid is not guaranteed.

Is my application fee refundable if my child is not accepted or if I change my mind about coming to CBS? Application fees for financial aid and enrollment are non-refundable.

I am unemployed and have no source of income?
Every parent is a stakeholder in their child’s education. Consequently, every parent will pay a tuition amount that is determined by the family’s income. If you have no source of income, who will be assuming responsibility for the child’s expenses?

I am a single parent. Will the income of the other parent be needed to determine financial aid? In any circumstance, you will need to submit the 1040 tax return and 2 pay stubs of the person who claims the child on their income tax.

I have not/do not file a 1040. What will I need to submit?
You will need to turn in all documents substantiating your income: W-2, 2 paystubs, child support letter, TANF or SSI. You will also need to sign a disclaimer that is legally binding stating that you did not file a tax return.

I have remarried and my current spouse is not the parent of my children. What do I need to turn in? The income of the wage earners in the household will be evaluated.

What other fees will there be before my student can be enrolled?

Other fees not covered by financial aid will include but are not limited to lunch, after care, athletic fees, field trip expenses, the development fee and spirit wear.

When is the first tuition payment due?
The first tuition payment is due in June for those paying in 12 payments, and August for those doing 10 payments. If your child is a new student then we suggest you pay it as soon as possible upon acceptance. Your child’s spot in the class will be secured ONLY upon receipt of the registration fee.