Curtis Baptist School has an optional lunch program for our students. Lunch orders are selected in RenWeb by a certain deadline before the next month. The lunch ordering instructions are located below. Once a lunch order has been placed, payment is to be made in the appropriate school office (ES or MS/HS). Orders are only taken monthly and through RenWeb.

If not ordering monthly, packed lunches should be sent to the school with their child. In case of a forgotten lunch, the parent should drop the lunch off in the front office (prior to 10:30 a.m.). Extra lunches are very limited and may not be available. Parents need to call before 9:00 a.m. if lunch has been forgotten and one cannot be dropped off. If a parent is unable to bring a lunch for the student, the student will receive a school lunch, but payment for the lunch must be sent in the following school day.

Students are not permitted to charge lunches. Credit cannot be issued for absence or school events. There are NO refunds.

Lunch Ordering Instructions:

Step 1: Log into your child’s Renweb account. You can access Renweb on Curtis Baptist School website, Parent tab and then scroll down to Renweb

Step 2: Click on the Student Information tab

Step 3: Click on Lunch (If you have more than one child, you will need to choose one at a time to mark their lunches.)

Step 4: Find the Time Frame Box and change it to Month

Step 5: Adjust the calendar to show the current month

Step 6: On the top right, click the Create Web Order tab. The menu for lunch items available to order will appear.

Step 7: Adjust the quantity for the menu items you would like to order for the month.

Step 8: Once you are done, scroll to the bottom to see your total for the month and then click on Order Items.

Your child’s lunch has now been ordered for the current month. Meals that have been ordered will appear in blue on the calendar; you can print the calendar for your records. Payments for the lunch will need to be made in the appropriate school office (ES or MS/HS).

Elementary Lunch (K-5th):

  • Lunches: $3.50 daily
  • Extra milk/juice: $0.50.
  • Ice cream (available on Friday only): $1.00 – to be paid on that day.
  • Due to safety concerns, microwaves are not available to elementary students.
  • Vending machines are not available for elementary students.

Parents of elementary students are required to place their child’s lunch order through RenWeb by the deadline date. Payments are to be made in the elementary office.

Orders are taken monthly only.

Middle School and High School Lunch (6th – 12th):

  • Lunches: $4.00 daily
  • Extra milk/juice: $0.50.
  • Cash menu available: prices vary from $1.50-$4.00
  • Microwaves available
  • Vending machines are available

Middle and high school students have the choice of eating either a school lunch or choosing items off the Cash Menu. If eating a school lunch, parents must place their child’s lunch order through RenWeb by the deadline date. Payments are to be made in the MS/HS office. Orders are taken monthly only. For the Cash Menu items, students are to bring in cash and pay for these items on a daily basis in the cafeteria.

This year our students will be eating lunch in the classrooms. For the safety of our students, lunch is restricted only to students and faculty at this time due to Covid 19. Once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and it is safe for our students again, parents will be notified.