Strategic Plan Narrative

Strategic Plan Narrative


I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:14)

The following 5-year strategic plan was developed in the fall of 2014 to fulfill the mission of Curtis Baptist School through purposeful school improvement goals/initiatives. A great deal of information and feedback from stakeholder surveys and from a long-range planning committee was gathered and presented to the board for prayerful consideration. In December of 2014, the board of trustees confirmed the plan. May God bless these efforts and continue to use Curtis Baptist School to infuse a biblical worldview in all areas of academics, fine arts, and athletics developing bold and devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


Share the Gospel – Take advantage of appropriate school wide opportunities to share Jesus Christ. Challenge and train CBS students to share their testimony in order to advance the Kingdom at our School, in chapel, the surrounding CSRA, and around the world.

Student Discipleship – Evidence of surrendered lives to Jesus Christ through Godly behavioral decision making. Impart a Biblical world view through chapels, Bible class, Biblical integration opportunities, exposure to evangelical organizations, and one-on-one student mentoring opportunities developing bold and devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Develop Spiritual Growth opportunities for International Students.

Student Ministry – Increase student exposure and participation in missions and service organizations.

Servant Leadership – Promote and train students to become servant leaders in all areas of life. Develop training opportunities that will allow students to apply and assess their ability to be a Godly leader.


Curriculum Improvement initiative – Implement a curriculum development plan that will include a curriculum review cycle beginning with updates in Math and Science, the completion of a school wide curriculum mapping and scope/sequence update, along with the creation of an Elementary Science & Technology Lab.

Staff Development initiative – Recruit and retain quality Staff and provide them with additional and meaningful professional development opportunities through on-site and off-site training, memberships, and resources that will improve the ability of our staff to provide challenging educational services for our students.

Academic Program initiative – Provide additional challenging student centered program opportunities for all students. Further develop our guidance services and enrichment program, and add a variety of educationally relevant after school clubs and Advance Placement class offerings. Provide additional structured training for staff in the evaluation, interpretation, and assessment of testing results.

Resource Improvement initiative – Implement a technology plan that includes a purchase and replacement schedule that will provide for the educational benefit of both students and staff. Provide additional relevant hands on resources that will allow teachers to better challenge and engage their students.


Student Enrollment initiative – Improve student recruitment through effective marketing strategies and events. Further develop the new school web-site (launched in November of 2014) and create new and effective publications and marketing pieces. Improve our school in all areas of academics, fine arts, and athletics thereby increasing current student retention through improved stakeholder belief in a quality educationally sound Christian School product.

Spiritual and Culture improvement initiative – Develop a more comprehensive outreach program for our students that will include greater commitment and additional relevant ministry opportunities. Provide Leadership development resources for students, staff, and to the local community. Develop additional parent feedback and leadership input opportunities. Increase volunteerism and stakeholder attendance at all school events by providing improved family friendly, well-organized, and meaningful participation opportunities.

Policy Improvement initiative – Annually review and confirm the School Mission statement, Board Policies, and Handbooks in order to maintain relevance and effectiveness as a school. This will be done through regular input and feedback from our Parents, Staff, and Students. Develop an improved Board training program.

Communication initiative – Improve the communication between CBS and our families, grandparents, and alumni. Further develop the usefulness of our web-site, e-newsletters, RENWEB communication, and social media avenues by providing a more consistent and professional customer service oriented product.

GOAL #4 – Facility Development

Athletic Complex initiative – Improve the grounds and current athletic facility usage at the 2230 Broad St. property with consideration toward a capital campaign which would lead to the further development of a state of the art athletic facility. Assist in the administration and permanent determination of the Sarah Watkins Trust deed.

School facility Improvement & Upkeep initiative – Accomplish the target facility improvements of the Sheridan building (High School), Middle School building, Harris building (Daycare/Preschool & Elementary), and of the playground and courtyards. Among other things, this will include the update of improved and cost effective lighting, bathroom renovations, the addition of more Elementary classrooms, and the creation of an Elementary Science & Technology Lab. Hire a full-time maintenance staff.

GOAL #5 – Fiscal Development

Major Donor initiative – Challenge the passionate friends of Curtis Baptist School to financially and consistently support the mission of the school. Hire a full-time Director of Development.

Tuition Assistance Program initiative – Increase financial support of the tuition assistance program and streamline current policies in order to efficiently and prayerfully assign partial tuition assistance to needy families.

Development Programs initiative – Improve stakeholder participation primarily in the Annual Fund and also in the following development programs: C-Now, SCRIP, Georgia Goal, Auction, and various development fundraisers.

Teacher Pay Structure initiative – Recruit and retain Godly quality Teachers through the development of a competitive pay structure.